Regular Observances



The day of rest from the beginning of creation. God rested as an example to us. Yeshua observed the Shabbat, so we too observe the Shabbat. What do we do on Shabbat? Nothing. Well, we sing, pray, bless, read the Bible, fellowship, and eat. But we do our best not to do anything else. It is a sweet time of quiet and renewal. 


Rosh Chodesh

@ New Moon
The New Moon observance is a simple service of blowing the Shofar and offering special sacrifices. We observe this day personally, and on the first Shabbat of the month, we blow the Shofar. 

Spring Feasts



The Passover seder is one of the biggest events of the year. During this seder, we recount the story of the Exodus, and at the same time we recognize the symbolism in each of the traditions pointing us to Yeshua our Messiah. The ultimate Pesach Lamb. 


Unleavened Bread

Pesach and Unleavened Bread are connected. During these 7 days we eat no leavened bread. We purge the yeast (chametz) from our houses. Yeshua’s blood cleansed us from sin. 

7936123-The-scattered-bag-with-wheat-of-a-grain-Stock-Photo-harvestFirst Fruits

First Fruits is one of the most significant days on God’s Calendar. It is the day that Yeshua conquered death. He came out of the tomb on this day. This resurrection gives us the power to defeat the sin in our lives, turn to God, love him, and do what he says. 


Omer Counting

God has us counting the days between First Fruits and Shavuot. So, we count the days, in eager expectation of what is coming.



Something really cool happened on this day 2000 years ago. This is a day that the Ruach HaKodesh was poured out on the disciples. Crack open that Bible to Acts 2. Pretty Cool. We like to have an immersion service, and worship. 

Fall Feasts

d168cf83444f65f288e9cd576b2d8ec2Yom Teruah

The first of the Fall Feasts, Yom Teruah or Day of Trumpets is celebrated by blowing the Shofars and bring an offering. This day is prophetic of Yeshua’s return, “as the last trumpet will sound”

Yom Kippur

Also know as the Day of Atonement, this is a serious day, a day of fasting. It is on this day that our High Priest Yeshua atones for our sins with his own blood. It is known as the day that our sins are forgiven for those whose name is written in the Book of Life. 


The celebration of Sukkot or Booths is a 7 day feast where we gather in the Sukkah and eat, study, fellowship, play, and worship. This is an exciting time where God is back with his people. 

Other Biblical Feasts


Esther started this holiday when she bravely went before the king and begged for her life and the lives of all the Jews. Yay! Let’s play some game, have a carnival, eat some hamantaschen, and dress up as a character. 

Beautiful composition for Hanukkah on wooden table against textured wall


Where is Hanukkah in the Bible? Check out John 10:22, when Yeshua observes Hanukkah. So, we do too. Hanukkah celebrates God’s victory over the Greeks, it was a miracle. 8 days of candles, dreidels, latkes, and fried foods. Yum. 



The Best way to learn the life-cycle of God is to come and experience it