What to Expect on Shabbat

It is for You

Shabbat is a beautiful time of rest, worship, and fellowship. Everyone from all walks of life are welcome to take part. If you are wondering if you will be welcome, rest assured you are.

It’s Shabbat

Relax it is Shabbat. Come as you are. The men like to wear kippa’s (head coverings) and talliot (traditional prayer shawls), and the women like to wear head coverings as well. Don’t worry, none are required.

Gotta Eat

Our service lasts about 2 hours. This includes Singing and Dancing, Blessings, Prayers, Torah (Bible) Readings, and a Message. After all of this, we are hungry. So we eat together and enjoy the fellowship. We call this Oneg.

What do the Kids do?

The children join the Adults for the service, and are welcome to participate in the singing, dancing, and the worship. We include the children in everything we do. Families stay together and learn God’s ways together. Regularly attending children will read the Brit Chadasha portion during the Torah readings. 
Kids are Kids, we do expect good behavior, but we are a family. We have kids too, and our kids have just as much energy as yours. Bring em, they need to hear about Yeshua. And you know what, Kids need a Shabbat too!
With all this, we do provide a babysitter for the younger children. 

Jewish Life, Yeshua Style

Our Messiah Yeshua is Jewish, so we like to do the things he did and said. We worship on Shabbat (Saturday), we say prayers in Hebrew, we have a Torah Scroll and dance it around. Some of us even wear a Kippa and Talliot. When we eat together, we do our best to eat Kosher.
“We” don’t all have it figured out, nor do all of us “do” all of “it”. “We” are on the journey together, learning, and seeking to live life the way Yeshua would. You know, living the Bible Yeshua Style.

Jews and Christians worshiping together? Is that possible?

Can Jewish people follow Yeshua? Can Gentile believers or Christians follow God’s Torah? Yes and Yes. Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah, and the living Word.
Come and Join us for a Shabbat, and see for yourself